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(Pocket-lint) - Japanese scientists have demonstrated how it is possible to view images, including 3D, on a screen made from soap. A Tokyo-based team says it is the world’s thinnest transparent screen, while the technology could eventually be used by a wider audience to view pictures and even watch videos, although hopefully you won't have to be in the bath to watch it. 

By reflecting and alternating different levels of ultrasonic vibrations, the scientists, led by Dr Yoichi Ochia, were able to project images of the earth and insects on to the soapy film. By using more than one bubble, the images were even given a 3D effect.

The bubble is made from colloid solution, making it tougher than the soap film you get when doing the washing-up, though a degree of care is still needed so as not to burst it. 

The project has been submitted for patency and while we’re unlikely to see our TV or smartphone screens made of bubbles anytime soon, Ochiai and his team have given an insight into what the future might hold.

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What do you think to this research? Is it the future for displays? Let us know in the comments below whether you think that one day we'll be watching everything through soapy eyes.

Writing by Danny Brogan.