Google has opened up its Chrome browser to the iOS platform, with Chrome vice-president Brian Rakowski demonstrating the new app on both an iPhone and iPad.

Speaking at the Google I/O event in San Francisico, Rakowski spoke about how the internet giant is creating seamless transfer between multiple devices, including Apple devices. 

Users can log in to Chrome on any device and they will be able to pick up their browsing experience right from where they left off. For example, consumers could be browsing the web via Chrome on their iPhone, get to work and as soon as they have typed in their Chrome credentials they will bring up the tabs and web pages they were previously viewing.

chrome comes to iphone and ipad with seamless transfer across all your devices image 2

There’s no limit to the number of devices you use, and all your smartphones, tablets and computers will automatically load web pages you were previously looking at on another device, in the background so that as soon as you click on that web address, the page will appear instantly. 

Google Chrome on the iOS platform will be available on the Apple App Store from later today.

Will you download Chrome to your iOS device? Let us know..