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(Pocket-lint) - It may be retro in name and design, but View Quest's latest radio offering is far from being a relic. The company has now added Wi-Fi capability, meaning users can search for multiple internet radio stations. 

As well as Wi-Fi radio, the View Quest Retro Radio WIFI is a fully functional DAB/FM device and also has a docking station in the front for both the iPhone and Apple iPod so you can play any tunes you have loaded on them too. 

Other devices can be hooked up via an AUX in port, while there are 10 preset channels to choose your favourite stations - though these are limited to DAB/FM stations as opposed to any that require a Wi-Fi connection.

A backlit LCD display adorns the front of the radio, providing details such as the name of the station you are listening to, what source you’re using (eg, iPhone or Wi-Fi), and which can also be used to display local news and weather reports.

View Quests says that with two 10-Watt speakers up to 15 hours of battery life can be expected from the Retro Radio WIFI.

Available in both black with grey and black with cream, the View Quest Retro Radio WIFI can be purchased from www.viewquest.co.uk for £149.99.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.