Everyone loves a saving. Just look at the sales, bands of angry mobs descending on to high streets salivating at the prospect of grabbing that item of clothing for half price. So behold Shop Scan Save, an app that will enable bargain hunters to start saving on their grocery shopping. 

Available on both the iOS and Android platforms, Shop Scan Save is free (another bargain) and once you’ve signed up your credentials you’ll be able to browse through an ever-changing list of what’s on offer. There’s usually between 10 to 12 different products found in the "My Offers" icon and you can check for more by hitting the refresh button in the top right-hand corner.

Shop Scan Save

iOS and Android
Apple App Store and Google Play

Currently the type of products on offer with Shop Scan Save are toothpaste, washing up liquid, nappies and booze, but offers will depend on shopping habits and deals you as the consumer choose to take advantage of. Depending on the item it’s the odd 50p or £1 saving, but Mobilize, the folks behind Shop Scan Save reckon you’ll end up saving a few hundred quid each year.

Once you’ve seen something on offer, be it some toothpaste or a can of Bacardi and coke, you need to find your nearest PayPoint store. Yes that’s right, the app only works at convenience stores with PayPoint in place, yet there’s actually far more of these than you may expect. Spar, Co-op, Londis and Costcutter to name but a few.

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To locate your nearest one, you need to press the Store Finder icon. This in turn fires up Google Maps within the app, with the phone’s GPS pinpointing your position and signalling it with a blue icon. Participating stores, (ie, stores with PayPoint) are represented by green pins.

Press on said green pin and a pop-up window will appear with the name of the store and the postcode. Sadly there’s no turn-by-turn direction facility, but it’s fair to assume that you won’t be going too far out of your way to make a 20p saving on a carton of milk so you should know your way around. If not, then you’ll have to make a note of the postcode and enter it into another of your mapping apps.

When you first register with Shop Scan Save, you’ll receive a virtual ID. Here is where you’ll find your personalised barcode and tool for making a saving. Once you’ve picked up your item that’s on offer, you need to ask the cashier to scan this barcode before scanning the item.

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If the cashier looks at you bewildered, as was the case with our venture, there are instructions within the app (under the "Help" section) that should give them peace of mind. 

Each offer can only be used once and if you’re the first to make a claim at a retailer, you’ll be rewarded with a free Nestle four-finger KitKat - proprietors which have already been frequented before you will appear as purple pins on the map.

Make Shop Scan Save part of your everyday life and we can see you making a tidy saving throughout the year. Yes you might feel a little silly the first couple of times you use it, particularly when a curious crowd behind you is looking over your shoulder, but embrace your inner geek and you’ll have enough money to buy that new gadget you’re after.