T-Mobile customers can now stay online while on their holidays anywhere in the world this summer. The operator has introduced its Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters that start from as little as £1.

Operators have been facing continual pressure from consumers and watchdogs to slash their call and internet roaming rates.

Both Three and Vodafone recently announced their Euro Internet Pass and EuroTraveller schemes respectively, but T-Mobile’s offering is the first of its kind to cover the entire world.

Each time a customer logs on to the net via their smartphone or mobile broadband device while abroad, they will immediately be redirected to a web page where they can buy a booster that will prevent them from racking up pounds on their bill. 

Deals start from as low as £1 (3MB in Europe) but can reach as much as £280 (50MB for the likes of Qatar, Cuba and Brazil).

T-Mobile’s Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters are available from 19 June, with the cost either being added to a customers pay monthly bill or deducted from PAYG customer’s credit.

Will you be buying a T-Mobile Internet & Broadband Travel Booster this summer? Let us know in the comments below.