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(Pocket-lint) - One can now text like one’s monarch as SwiftKey introduces the “Queen’s Speech” to its text prediction app.

In celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee the new feature has been added to the Swiftkey app and can be selected in the language settings. In turn it will predict your text message according to the speech patterns made by her Maj.

Indeed according to Swiftkey, it’s a misconception that the Queen only refers to herself as "One". Having studied all her digitised archives since her accession to the throne in 1952 , it reports that she actually uses "I" six times more than "One". 

Other speech patterns that Swiftkey’s Queen setting will auto-suggest are “continue to” when you write the word “will”, while “My” will lead SwiftKey to suggest the following “Government will”.

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swiftkey uses the queen s english quite literally and all in time for the diamond jubilee image 2

This latter word sequence proved to be the phrase most used by Queen Elizabeth II since becoming monarch, uttering it a total of 217 times during her various speeches.

SwiftKey is an Android app that learns your writing style to help speed up your texting, emailing and Tweeting.

The “Queen” setting is available now on the latest version of Swiftkey X which is also being offered for a one month’s free trial. It’s also included in the latest Beta version of Swiftkey 3, while existing users will need to refresh their language options.

Have you tried the Queen's setting on SwiftKey? Let us know.

Writing by Danny Brogan.