A new app for the iPhone lets users to share their mobile pictures on a bigger screen by simply pointing the device towards the larger display.

Scalado PhotoBeamer beams photos direct from your iPhone without any need for wires, Bluetooth connection or pre-configurations and pre-registrations. All that’s required is for the larger display to be connected to the internet and for the browser to be opened on www.photobeamer.com

Fire up the app on your Apple device and - hey, presto! -  you can beam your photos on to the big screen by pointing your mobile towards your TV or monitor. It certainly beats having to crowd five of you around a 3.5-inch display.

Scalado PhotoBeamer works across both Wi-Fi and 3G connections and is available now from the Apple App Store for 69p.

To see a video of how the app works, see below; though don’t let the somewhat cheesy content put you off buying it.

Have you downloaded Scalado PhotoBeamer? What do you think?