Take That star and X Factor judge Gary Barlow can now be seen as a 3D augmented-reality figurine by pointing a mobile device at a special-edition Jubilee issue of Hello! magazine. 

The Hello! 3D app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablet devices.

Once downloaded users can point their mobile camera towards the front cover before seeing the Take That front-man pop up as a 3D image - a feat achieved by using 42 Nikon digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras in a photo shoot.

Digicave - which has used Vuforia, Qualcomm Incorporated’s augmented reality platform for the 3D scanning technology - and Timeslice Films have put the app together.

Gary Barlow is not the first music star to have been given an augmented-reality makeover in recent months. Deceased rap star Tupac Shakur was brought back to life as a hologram to perform alongside fellow hip-hop star Snoop Dogg.

Have you tried out the Hello! magazine 3D app? Let us know your thoughts.