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(Pocket-lint) - There's no doubt that Draw Something had us all hooked for a while, but we're a fickle bunch and must admit that it's allure isn't quite so great when the sun is glaring and the outside beckons. However, there's a new reason to hundle around your iPhone and iPod touch (or iPad in sim mode), but preferably not in a public place. Sing Something has hit the iTunes App Store like an X-Factor or American Idol-inscribed bullet.

Borrowing heavily from its art-based chum, developer Cuketa's Sing Something asks you to sign up through Facebook or email and play the turn based game with your chums.


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But, whereas Draw Something asked you to sketch a picture for your compatriot to guess, Sing Something requests that you warble, hum or play (on a musical instrument) one of three suggested songs which it records and sends to the other player. Your friend then has to guess what it is using a hangman style interface.

Again, like its OMGPop (now Zynga) crafted inspiration, you earn coins with correct answers for you and your pal, and those can be spent on bombs to swap out the song suggestions for others you may prefer.

In practice, it's hilarious. There's a wide range of songs that pop up.

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Even on Pocket-lint's brief test, we had Christina Aguilera's Beautiful, Prodigy's Firestarter and The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony, along with a Justin Bieber number none of us would ever admit to knowing. And as no lyrics are provided in game, the end results can be even funnier than expected. There are video hints - using YouTube - that you can check out to make sure you get the melody right, for example.

Like with Draw Something, we suspect there'll be plenty of cheating, with lyric websites being used heavily, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Sing Something is completely free and we would put our hats on it being the next massive app sensation, if we had any. You have to download it right now!

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Writing by Rik Henderson.