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(Pocket-lint) - Yahoo has introduced a new web browsing tool as it looks to regain control of dwindling internet traffic.

Yahoo’s Axis integrates searching and browsing the web into one experience, using a split-screen facility that puts search results directly above the webpage a user is currently visiting.

Search results are displayed as visual thumbnails so web surfers can get a better insight into what they’ll get before clicking on a link. The search bar will automatically make suggestions as you type and, once logged in, Axis will remember the last page you visited no matter which of your devices you are using - be it your iPad, computer or iPhone.

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Axis is available now as a downloadable app on the Apple iOS platform as well as a plug-in for most desktop browsers, including Google Chrome. Yahoo has said that it is already working on an Axis app for other mobile platforms.

Yahoo has been losing search traffic steadily over the past five years with the likes of Bing and, in particular, Google stealing a march on their rival.

The introduction of Yahoo Axis comes on the back of Google’s own split-screen search tool, Knowledge Graph.

Yahoo’s Axis is available to download now from the Apple App Store.

Have you used Yahoo Axis? What do you think?

Writing by Danny Brogan.