Mexico City is trialling an innovative way of giving free Wi-Fi to conscientious dog walkers, by exchanging it for their pet’s “mess”. 

That’s right, dog poo for Wi-Fi. Walkers are encouraged to place bags filled with dog turds into designated boxes, which will weigh the deposit before calculating how many free Wi-Fi minutes your “gift” warrants.

This would seemingly put owners of a small Chihuahua, for example, at a disadvantage to say a large Doberman - but we applaud the idea, which comes from Mexican internet portal Terra and ad agency DDB.

Each deposit box is marshalled by a team of hostesses who are on hand to provide doggie bags (not the ones you’d find in a restaurant). They’ll even turn a blind eye if it’s just a bag of rubbish you want to exchange for some free minutes. It's all about tidying up these streets.

It’s certainly one way of trying to rid public parks of dog mess while increasing the number of Wi-Fi hotspots.

You can see the scheme in action in the video below (in Spanish).

What do you make of this scheme? Would you swap your dog turds for some free Wi-Fi?