It may forever be associated with Back to the Future, but that hasn’t stopped DeLorean turning its attention away from time-travelling cars to good old-fashioned bicycles.

The road bike has been constructed from Italian-made Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing and, like the car, the flux capacitor is again topped up with weapons-grade plutonium.

Okay, that last bit is made up, but the bike certainly lives up to DeLorean’s reputation for producing eye-catching vehicles.

The DeLorean DMC-12 was the first and only car to come from the DeLorean Motor Company but received notoriety after being used as the time-travelling vehicle in The Back to the Future trilogy. 

In the films, Marty McFly, the film’s protagonist, jumped forwards and back in time once he got the car up to 88mph.

No word on what happens when that speed is reached with the DeLorean bike, though it would give you an opportunity to test out how effective the brakes are.

The DeLorean Anyday bicycle can be ordered from and will set you back $5,495, with a further two bikes, the DeLorean Speed and DeLorean Cruise, also in the pipeline.

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