(Pocket-lint) - It’s emerged that Microsoft has applied for a patent on a service that enables applications from rival platforms such as Android and iOS to be migrated to Windows Phone.

The service would at first suggest similar Microsoft endorsed applications to the ones Android and iPhone users have on their phone. If there are none - let’s be honest, the current selection is pretty barren - then similar third-party applications will be suggested.

However, should neither prove fruitful, the migration service would then aim to transfer apps from rival operating systems to a Windows Phone, meaning consumers who purchased a Windows Phone for the first time wouldn’t lose their apps.

As great as this is in theory, a number of questions about the perspective service remain.

Firs, the technology would surely rely on Android, Apple and any other OS platform for that matter agreeing to the migration, something neither currently allows. Second, would the consumer be expected to pay for the apps a second time around?

The fact the patency was applied for in November 2010 suggests these are just some of the hurdles Microsoft is trying to overcome, but it’s an interesting take on how Microsoft is trying to combat the perceived notion that it doesn’t have enough apps available on its Windows Phone platform.

What do you think to Microsoft's plans? Do you think it will happen?

Writing by Danny Brogan.