ALK Technologies has released a free GPS app for Apple and Android devices that works even when you have no mobile signal.

CoPilot GPS stores its maps on board your smarpthone or tablet so you have access to them at all times.

You can select your destination manually or via one of the pre-installed points of interest – the usual fanfare of nearby restaurants, hotels and shops – and CoPilot GPS will map out the best route for you complete with distance and expected travel time, be it via car or foot.

copilot gps app enables offline guidance image 3

If the suggested route doesn’t take your fancy, you can choose from another two possibilities and you can also drag and drop the route if you wanted to go via another destination.

You can alert your social media buddies to your whereabouts with one-click access to both Facebook and Twitter, while Wikipedia is also integrated to help you discover a little more about the places you frequent.

We need to be clear that CoPilot GPS is not a sat nav. Of course ALK does that in other forms, namely CoPilot Live and CoPilot Live Premium HD.

Think of CoPilot GPS more as an alternative to say Google Maps - and, with its offline functionality, a rather good alternative for that matter too. 

The CoPilot GPS app is available now for free from both iTunes and Google Play.

Have you used the CoPilot GPS app? Let us know your thoughts.

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