Firefox has introduced a new beta version of its web browsing service which it says will make surfing the internet both faster and easier.

The update is available to download and try out now and is compatible with Windows, Macs and Linux operating systems.

The homepage has been revamped, so you’ve got one-click access to your bookmarks, history, settings, add-ons, downloads and sync preferences all of which sit at the bottom of the screen.

Firefox has also jazzed up the tab page. When you open a new one, shortcuts to your most recently visited sites will appear as thumbnails, though you can also add any sites you particularly frequent.

mozilla improves browsing speeds with new firefox beta for desktops image 2

If you’re someone who has multiple tabs open at any one time, then Firefox is promising a faster rate at which you can restore a previous session with all your tabs still in tact.

Firefox’s new speeds are due partly to this beta version supporting SPDY - think Speedy without the “ee” -which is becoming a more common protocol for transporting content over the web because it is both faster and more secure than HTTP.

Firefox Beta can be downloaded free by clicking here.

Have you used the new Firefox Beta browser? Let us know what you think.