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(Pocket-lint) - A new vacuum cleaner from Gtech is aiming to revolutionise the cleaning industry with a cordless, energy efficient device.

The Gtech AirRAM has no bag, cyclone or cord and will even inform you of how many calories you’ve burnt. So you can put together your own spring clean fitness regime. 

The vacuum works by hovering just above the surface and with its 28-degree movement has the lowest profile of any upright vacuum currently available. 

Gtech claims its AirRAM outguns its competitors in terms of gathering dirt, which it sucks up into dust bales and stores in the overhead tray, that sits just 5cm above the ground, until you’re ready to throw it away.

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Retailing at John Lewis and Gtech’s website for £229,  the AirRAM has been calculated by the manufacturer to save up to £252 on energy bills over a five-year period - the same period, incidentally, that it will be covered for in warranty. 

This is because the vacuum uses only 100 Watts of electricity, which works out at about 20 times less than the amount used by other vacuum cleaners.

As it’s cordless you will be limited to 40-minute cleaning sessions, though Gtech tells Pocket-lint that the AirRAM is so efficient that you’ll be able to clean a three-bedroom house thoroughly, twice, in that time.

Plug the AirRAM into your computer and you’ll be able to change settings, see how much electricity you have saved, view your calorie counter and even receive cleaning tips via the internet.

Vacuum cleaners just got smart. Now if only they didn’t require you to guide them.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.