Do you like Where's My Water? Do you like Angry Birds? Then Shark Dash from Gamesloft might be the game for you, as it tries to merge the two titles to give you hours of fun.

We've been collecting ducks for the last week to see what's what.


The idea is simple. You play a rubber bath shark that has to collect all the coins and ducks in the bath tub. For the ultimate success you have to get all the coins and all the ducks in a set number of moves, and that can sometimes prove incredibly tricky.

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Each "tub" has 24 levels and the more stars you get the more levels you unlock. As you can imagine the levels start off easy and get progressively harder with new elements introduced into the bath tub - sponge, dissolvable tablets, floating rings that speed you up, and other paraphernalia.

It's not just other elements to interact with, but other bath toy characters - including a swordfish that is good for cutting bath plug chains, a squirting toy for firing jets of water, and another fish that is good at diving when you give the command.

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Playing the game starts fairly easily with plenty of wriggle room to get the three stars and achieve a perfect score. Like Angry Birds, it's all about angles and your shark is fired from his position by pulling back on his tail. The more you pull the further he goes. Pull to far and you're out of the bath, and it's game over.

The Where's my Water? reference comes in with the need to do certain steps in a logical order. Knock that block to take out the bombs before angling your shark in the right way to get the final duck. Failing to do it in order means that you fail at the level, or certainly a three-star level.

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Without paying too much attention you can quickly progress through the game, but you'll soon find that unless you are willing to play hard cash - there is an option in game to buy more credits to unlock levels - you will have to go back to the early levels and complete them in order to go further.

That's likely to happen as some levels - for us anyway - proved too difficult to fathom, especially within the required moves.

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With cute graphics and bouncy gameplay this should have you enjoying your commute on the train a little more, however it's still a second best compared to the two games it is trying to emulate.