Draw Something has added more strings to its bow, thanks to its latest update. Players can now let their opponents know what they thought of their drawings without having to scrawl messages across the canvas.

Hundred-character messages can be attached to your drawing, praising your friend for their efforts or chastising them for making a dolphin look more like a mini-bus.  

There is now an undo facility that will erase your last action, should it have spoilt a potential masterpiece, or if you simply just want to cheat. Winning streaks are now no longer limited to 99 games, with the new target being 999 consecutive games.

Apple users will immediately be able to share their creations on Facebook and Twitter with just two clicks, as well as save to their device’s photo library, rather than using the screenshot function which has been the common route to sharing so far. Android users will have to wait a while longer for this particular feature.

Games can be updated by pulling down the virtual display speeding up game play and we've noticed that notifications have started working on some Android devices where previously they weren't.

The Draw Something update is available now with the app itself available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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