Obama’s a fan and he’s clearly not the only one. A new report claims Pinterest is now the third most-used social networking site after Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest, which enables users to share pictures and items of interest with other users, was launched in 2010 but has only really come to prominence this year.

The report, by Experian, is a blow for the likes of LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and even Instagram which will be hoping to claw back some ground on its rival after launching on Android.

The report comes at a time when social networking, particularly among adults is said to be at an all-time high.

In February alone, for example, Pinterest is said to have received 17.8 million unique visitors within the US, with users spending around 89 minutes on the site every month.

Pocket-lint spoke to some Pinterest users who cited the site’s interactivity with other users as one of its main appeals.

Whereas Instagram is a more personal experience as your photos often have specific meaning only to you, Pinterest allows you to find and share common interests with other like-minded users.

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