So we knew Draw Something was big. We just didn’t know how big.

Since being launched just seven weeks ago a staggering 20 million people have used the app, with more than three billion - that’s billion - sketches drawn.

Of course the app is free (a paid for ad-free version is also available) and is available on both iOS and Android platforms, all of which are contributing factors to its mass appeal.

However, the game’s creators Omgpop are said to have earned more revenue in a single day from people downloading Draw Something than they have with all of their previous games combined.

For the two of you who aren’t familiar with Draw Something, think of it as a virtual game of Pictionary.

Playing with, rather than against, your friend, you take it in turns to draw objects, actions or even famous people while the other tries to guess it. You can even play people you don’t know.

We have to admit we’ve got the Draw Something bug too, though we’re a long way from producing any works of art such as the virtual masterpieces below.

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