Remember Friends Reunited, the social networking site that helped you get back in touch with school friends and ex-work colleagues? You know, the site that people all used to talk about and use before Facebook took over? Well, it's undergoing a massive relaunch and redesign in order to win back your hearts and minds, and remembering stuff will be its new focus.

While school and former work memories will remain a key part of the new Friends Reunited - which still has seven million users a year - they will be integrated into a broader landscape of memorable moments. The site will offer a wider remit, allowing users to post pictures, stories and videos about any and every event they cherish.

National events will be of particular interest, such as a royal wedding or major concert (1985's Live Aid is one example given), but users can post content on humiliating moments too. The new Friends Reunited will essentially be about community sharing of memories, rather than solely within friends' networks.

The new design, from what Pocket-lint has seen so far, looks much cleaner and more accessible, with a greater emphasis on images.

Friends Reunited will be relaunching on 27 March. In the meantime, you can get a preview of what to expect by checking out a YouTube trailer that asks you to "remember when".

Maybe, this time, we won't forget it.

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