Eventbrite is the latest company to create a hardware widget for your iPad that will let you take credit cards on the door at your next event.

The new device - following hot on the heels of the PayPal gadget launched at the start of the month, and the credit card reader dongle by Square - aims to let event holders earn extra cash easily and track ticket sales so they don't oversell.

"New card reader for iPads makes credit card swiping and ticket printing fast and easy, offering a complete on-site sales solution for Eventbrite organisers, and convenience for attendees," a spokeswomen for Eventbrite told Pocket-lint.

Called the "At The Door Card Reader"  the device, which is currently available only in the US, will let users swipe credit cards to be able to charge on the door.

Where the new device and accompanying app hopes to be different to other options is by tying it into the company's event management system that will track attendee data.

"Capacity info is very clear - organisers know how many tickets of each type they have sold and how many remain.  It's basically a whole different beast from allowing salons and coffee shops accept credit cards," Eventbrite told Pocket-lint.  

In a bold move, the new device won't actually cost anything for those interested, with the initial $10 fee automatically reimbursed to the purchaser's Eventbrite account. The company has also waived its fees to begin with, clearly hoping people will be keen to take them up on the new offer.

Event organisers will also be able to create printed tickets or receipts by pairing up the app with a dedicated wireless printer.

Those looking to be busy will be able to process up to 400 transactions per hour although the company has confirmed that there is no Chip and Pin support at the moment - a system that hasn't fully rolled out in America yet.

Although Eventbrite has said that the gadget or app aren't available outside the US it is something the company is looking at.

"We are growing internationally rapidly, and will soon explore making the reader compatible with the At The Door app in more international markets," our spokeswoman told us.