We love Tron and we love a bit of street dance, but if only somebody would put the two together, our lives would be complete... They have? Lummy.

Currently making the rounds out there in internet viral land is a video of a Japanese street dance troupe that performs in the dark. In order to see them, they each wear light-adorned suits, very much modelled on the Tron suits in the second movie, Tron: Legacy. And these allow the dancers to perform all kinds of amazing stunts and mess with your minds.

Certainly, we reckon that if they came over here to take part in Sky 1's Got to Dance, they'd give this season's winners, Prodijig, a run for their money. The Irish dance collective may have the fancy futuristic suits, but they don't have strips that light up. No siree.

Here's Prodijig's final performance too, so you can make your own mind up.

Who do you reckon would win? Let us know in the comments below...