Dropbox has unveiled a new look for its web service that makes browsing your cloud-stored content a much more pleasant experience. The new design features clean, white space, easy to navigate folders and thumbnails for images and filetypes.

In addition, when you click on an image, it opens Flickr-style into a big black-bordered page, framing the picture. In many respects it also looks like a Google Mail portal, but less complicated.

Posting on the company's own blog, Trevor Berg says: "One of our main goals was to slim down dropbox.com and focus on the star of the page: your stuff. We’ve put all the tools you need at your fingertips, but only when you need them."

dropbox redesigns web portal for simpler more beautiful experience image 2

Therefore, nearly all of the tools you need are now housed in an action bar across the top of the screen. The rest is dominated by your own folders and content.

The site now also features drag-and-drop support from your desktop to the webpage. "It’s way faster and easier to get stuff done using the new site," reads the blog.

"Our new drag-and-drop makes moving stuff as easy as on your desktop. We’ve also replaced the checkboxes on the page with better multiple file selection (click-dragging works!). And for all you power users out there, we’ve added keyboard shortcuts to make mouseless browsing a breeze."

The new online Dropbox is already up and running. A basic account with 2GB of storage space is completely free, just sign up and away you go. Upgrade packages are available from $9.99 (£6.35) a month for 50GB.

dropbox redesigns web portal for simpler more beautiful experience image 3