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(Pocket-lint) - There are still no plans to bring Firefox to the iPhone or iPad and Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's VP of Products, has also told Pocket-lint that we can also forget about the browser landing on the BlackBerry PlayBook as a native app anytime soon.

"We haven't seen any change there," he said at a MWC briefing in Barcelona, referring to Mozilla's relationships with Apple and RIM. "There are no plans for PlayBook or iOS."

Sullivan was keen to stress that Firefox was completely committed to the Android app for its mobile aims and said the new Google Chrome for Android browser wouldl not mean an end to its Google based-endeavours.

"Right now, aside from Boot to Gecko, we're really focused on Android," he said. "It's really got the market share, it's where people are and we're off to a good start.

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"We've shipped something like a little over 8 million downloads of the Firefox browser for Android and we have a new update that's coming up with some massive performance increases including Flash click to play."

When we asked if Google may make it more difficult for third-party browsers going forward in order to promote its Android Chrome version, Sullivan said: "I don't see that happening. We like to see a competitive browser market and I think Google does too. There are several browsers for Android and Chrome only runs with Ice Cream Sandwich."

We also questioned the Mozilla big cheese on whether Firefox was concerned with Google's growing share on the desktop with the regular Chrome browser.

"We probably added 100 million users in the last year so we're continuing to grow," he argued. "We're approaching 500 million users, so we're doing fine. The competition is good, it's been great competing with Chrome and we're pushing each other on JavaScript performance, on web graphics, on HTML5 compatibility. It's always been the case between us, Safari, Opera and Chrome. And even IE9 is a reasonable browser.

"We love it. We like to compete. We have an impact on the web as we have a seat at the table. And, as long as we have that seat and we're making our users happy then we're happy."

Writing by Paul Lamkin.