Readdle is back with yet another note-taking app, this time in the form of Remarks which it describes as a new way to "write down your thoughts, capture ideas and information, annotate documents and outline notes anywhere from university class to sofa at home".

But instead of capturing ideas and generally making our time on planet earth a little bit more meaningful, we decided to take Remarks for a spin by chucking in pictures of animals and writing incomprehensible notes. As you'll see in today's App of The Day.



The first thing that you'll probably want to know is how Remarks differs from Readdle's PDF Expert App. Well, not a great deal to be honest except that it's aimed a bit more at the casual user and things are a bit more streamlined.

But that's not to say it isn't still an incredibly useful app - it is. You'll be making notes, annotating PDFs and sharing your creations left, right and centre before you know it. Literally we mean, you'll be accidentally dragging your content all over the screen if you forget to switch off the drag control.

app of the day remarks review ipad  image 3

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Allow us to rewind a little. Basically, Remarks is an app that treats whatever is on screen, whether that be a PDF file, an image or simply an empty text file, as your notepad. You can do with it what you want.

You can add typed notes with several font options, you can hand write notes using a varied selection of virtual pen and pencil types (with different thickness), you can highlight, you can chuck in shapes or arrow and you can insert pictures. It's simple to use your finger but it's obviously designed with styluses in mind (we used the Griffin Crayola one).

app of the day remarks review ipad  image 2

It's all very easy to navigate, using the simple-to-use and well labelled toolbar at the top, and everything works very quickly, with rapid response times for turning pages, adding notes, going back to your library of notes or sharing your creations. There's also a nifty zoom function that allows for some close control annotating.

Sharing is possible across email and, if your pals are using Remarks too, you can collaborate on works together. You can also print your notes and, coming soon, upload them to Dropbox or At the moment, it does allow you to open files from Dropbox, but not save them directly (although there is a workaround by using an office app such as Docs to Go).

app of the day remarks review ipad  image 4

Remarks is a fully fledged PDF annotator with plenty of useful note-taking features thrown in, all wrapped up in a simple to use package. At less than £3, it's a steal.