You are in a restaurant, the food is taking ages, and your kids are starting to go stir crazy. You have two choices. Start praying that the food will turn up any moment, or turn to your partner and start praying that they've brought the usual array of colouring pens, colouring pads, and anything else that seems to keep your little ones from wrecking the joint.

Failing that you could reach into your pocket grab your Windows Phone 7 smartphone and load up Bord.

Windows Phone 7
Free / 79p

To say the app is simple would be an understatement. Bord and the free Bord Lite app simply turns your Windows Phone into a old school chalkboard, however it does it in such a pretty way that we just had to share it with you. 

Load up the app and you get to draw on the app's black or green chalkboard with six different chalks, choose the size of the chalk, and then rub it off with a sponge afterwards.

app of the day bord review windows phone 7  image 8

The difference between the two versions is that one lets you load your saved drawings with playback of drawing in the realtime or at various speeds. Either way there are no adverts to worry about to bamboozle your kids with, which is great.

Where Bord shows its cute side is that the chalk on the board acts in the same way as chalk on a real blackboard does. Keep going over the same spot and the colour you are using becomes more concentrated, while rubbing it out with the sponge won't get all of the chalk off first time.

app of the day bord review windows phone 7  image 9

There isn't much to the Bord app admittedly, but it has already saved our bacon at a couple of restaurants with our 4- and 5-year-old kids meaning for us it's well worth the 79p purchase price.