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(Pocket-lint) - The days of dedicated satnav devices are probably numbered as a result of the smartphone and app booms, but German engineering and electronics company Bosch has clued on to this, bypassing an actual device and entering the satnav game directly with an iPhone app.

Bosch Navigation 1.5 has hit the App Store, an app that sees the company go head to head with the likes of TomTom and Navigon, in order to serve your smartphone satnav needs.

What Bosch's effort offers is 3D mapping, eco navigation routes for greener driving, driving assistance such as speed warnings on tight bends, Plus Routes for real-time re-routing and easy to add intermediate destination adding.

There's also Facebook and Twitter integration on board for updating your pals with thrilling details of your journeys as well as the usual suspects such as points-of-interests, real-time traffic reports and lane guidance.

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"Bosch may not be the first name UK users think of when considering mobile satnav, however, our expertise in this market is extensive and we’re very confident that the unique and powerful tools available through our software are capable of making us a market leader in this sector," said product manager, Florian Knollmann.

"Bosch Navigation will offer a seriously appealing alternative to modern mobile navigation, and combines all of the key features you’d expect to see in high-end sat nav suites with modern advancements."

It's out now for an introductory £26.99 - soon to rise to £44.99. Not cheap, but less than the TomTom and Navigon offerings.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.