BabyPing has unveiled the latest in high security Wi-Fi baby monitors at CES 2012, which allows parents to to keep an eye and an ear on their little cherubs through their iOS device.

If a traditional baby monitor just doesn't cut it any more and you prefer the belt and braces approach to baby monitoring then this new device will keep you constantly informed by way of "double-layer security and alerts to inform the user if the baby cries, if the Wi-Fi connection has been broken or if the monitoring iOS device is out of range".

You'll also get full-colour video at 640 x 480 resolution, a high quality built-in microphone and superfast wireless Wi-Fi. The baby monitor's Smart Filter cuts out the background noise and static normally associated with baby monitors, while Constant-Connect "acts as a permanent tether between the app and monitor, instantly notifying the user when the baby is upset or if the connection is broken at any point, ensuring parents can put their trust in this new technology."

The company says that: "BabyPing only uses your home Wi-Fi network to transmit information, avoiding unnecessary web streaming and bandwidth costs, as well as ensuring instant alerts and updates from the monitor, without the long delay associated with other baby cameras. BabyPing is the only Wi-Fi baby monitor on the market with invisible infared night vision, offering round the clock visibility without disturbing the baby."

Not a bad solution for any would-be parents, and it should especially appeal to those first-timers, as after number one drops and number two arrives you tend to relax a bit.

The BabyPing Video Monitor will be available in the UK from February 2012 priced at £149.99 and available from Amazon, and other select stockists.