We at Pocket-lint don't like cricket. We love it. And we especially love Stick Cricket on the iPad which we've featured as App of the Day in the past.

It's just much less hassle than the real thing you see. You're not required to spend ages getting padded up, there's no need to wear a comically large hat to avoid sunstroke and no there is no chance of getting a googly in the goolies.

And, just as we were beginning to tire of the original game (there's only so many times you can beat Bangladesh), Stick Sports has gone and released a brilliant follow-up.....

Stick Cricket Super Sixes


If you're familiar with the original Stick Cricket iOS offering then you'll be well away. Well, sort of. The idea is still to smash the ball around the park as much as possible, picking up those important fours and sixes but this time there's no fast bowlers on show. Or spinners. Or slow-armers. Or....you get the point.

app of the day stick cricket super sixes review ipad  image 3

No, this time the bowling is taken care of by the Bowlomatic 3000, a "state of the art bowling machine with sadistic tendencies". Sadistic tendencies and also the ability to switch between bowling styles at the drop of a hat. He's like a robot version of Andrew Symonds.

Each over has a theme including no stumps, 6x scoring, glowing balls, golf balls and big stumps, with a semi-normal over in between these where you can score extra lives or enter a 60-second shoot out by hitting the Super Ball for 6.

app of the day stick cricket super sixes review ipad  image 2

The gameplay is brilliant and, although using the same control setup as the original, it feels like an entirely different game. Well worth the 69p.