Aurasma is to announce a new customisable 3D engine to developers which will allow them to build complex augmented reality experience for smartphone users. 

The new app will allow you to use built in tools to add new characters and animations to the world viewed through your mobile phone camera. As it stands Aurasma has had more than 2 million downloads and even made an appearance on Pocket-lint, powering our interactive Christmas calendar

Aurasma also exists as an SDK which is embeddable within other apps as well as being able to pre-load the application into phones. The new 3D engine will make an appearance at this year's CES and naturally Pocket-lint will be there to have a play with it. 

Until then why not check out our App of the Day which explains exactly how the application itself works in full. The new 3D engine should simply further enhance the already comprehensive augmented reality experience the app gives and allow developers to create much better Aurasma powered AR experiences.

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