Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the carousel in an airport, or what journey your luggage is having after you leave it on the conveyor belt behind the checking-in desk? We certainly have. And, thanks to delta Airlines, we now have some sort of idea.

The flight operator rigged a suitcase with four externally pointing cameras and sent it on a two-hour trip from Atlanta to New York, giving a view on what it goes through behind the scenes.

Obviously, as this is a Delta Airlines promotional video, you shouldn't expect to see the shenanigans certain baggage handlers are rumoured to do with your case. Plus, as it was clear that this wasn't any old luggage, we suspect it was handled with kid gloves. However, it's still an interesting view of what goes on while you queue for an hour in Starbucks to get a steaming hot coffee just in time for the last boarding call to go up on your flight.

Of course, you could always watch Die Hard 2... That's got as accurate a representation of a baggage handling department as you can get. If you take away the dead bodies and wise-cracking cop with an alarming example of male pattern baldness, that is.