2011 kept the Pocket-lint news team busy all year round. Smartphones, in particular, had us turning our fingers into keyboard-shaped sausages as we fired out hands-on stories for your enjoyment. Tablets also had us fairly busy, as the floodgates opened on Honeycomb and the device rush began.

This is a top stories list based entirely on the number of reads each piece picked up over the year. Don’t take this to be a list of what we hold most important, more what had you, our readers, most interested. Obviously some were published before others and have had longer time to stew in the news pot, accumulating reads, but ultimately this is a list of what you read the most this year.

We began 2011 believing that Ice Cream or Android 2.4 would be making an appearance in Summer. This, as we now know, didn’t happen. Android updated itself in increments adding minor features as it went along. Android 2.3.3 was the first of many. It wasn’t until Ice Cream Sandwich arrived much later in the year that any sort of significant change to Android would take place. Read More

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Despite its flaws, glasses-free 3D was a genuinely exciting technology at launch. The Nintendo 3DS was a mightly impressive piece of technology the first time we set eyes on it, so the idea that it was coming to smartphones had us very excited. This hype was not lost on our readers, who poured plentiful viewings into the leaked teaser video for the Optimus 3D, prior to its MWC launch. Read More.

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Android brought value for money to the smartphone market in 2011. The Galaxy Mini, with its 600MHz processor and Froyo OS, was one of the best at launch. The only let down was the screen, which ran at 320 x 240. Price however, was a bit more of a plus point, the phone currently costing just £10 per month on a 24 month Tesco contract. Read More.

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Nokia definitely grabs the prize for giving us the juiciest quote of the year. Basking in the delights of the Lumia 700, the company told us it believed youths are bored of the iPhone and baffled by Android. Niels Munksgaard, director of Portfolio, Product Marketing & Sales at Nokia Entertainment Global went on to give us a rather revealing set of quotes about the company’s current setup. He even explained how difficult it is to impress the consumer who walks into the shop looking for a new phone. Read More.

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The dinky Fujifilm X10 got the hands-on treatment at this year’s IFA. The mini cam, complete with swish black finish, became one of our favourite compacts of the year. Its size and performance made it the ultimate point and shoot, but it fell short of being a classic thanks to a rather steep £500 price tag. Still though, nice to see compacts that can match entry-level DSLRs for performance. Read More.

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Star Wars made its arrival in 2011 on Blu-ray, answering the call of geeks worldwide who had been demanding a high quality version of their favourite film series. It looked and sounded brilliant, especially the originals, which hadn’t impressed as much since their days in the cinema. To mark the launch of the epic box set, London’s BT Tower was transformed into a Star Wars lightsaber, with a giant shining blue light cast up into London’s skyline. The end result wasn't quite as effective as our mock-up, which caused a stir or two, but it was impressive nonetheless. Read More.

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Yet another value-for-money Android handset made it into our "most read" list this year. This time around it was HTC’s revamp of an Android classic; the Wildfire S. With better specs but boasting the same sort of value, it was a handset that had those considering entering the world of the smartphone excited. Read More.

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Dual-sim handsets are usually the reserve of dodgy mobile phone manufacturers found selling their wares in the backstreets of China. iPhone rip offs with multi-sim capabilities are not uncommon, what is, however, is a major manufacturer like Nokia turning out a dual-sim phone. The C2-03 could remember up to five sim cards, managing two different ones at once and not needing a reboot should you want to swap them out. It also had a BlackBerry style slideout QWERTY keyboard with touch screen and looked rather decent as well. Read More.

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Causing a big fuss when we first published the story on 10 December, it was soon revealed and relayed that the "flaw" in iOS 5 that allowed the iPhone to download apps on 3G (thereby potentially costing big bucks in data roaming charges) was, in fact, poor wording on Apple's part rather than an actual bug. It seemed that the reader who brought the case to Pocket-lint was confused due to a dodgy label in settings, so we decided to update the story to prevent any further or future misunderstanding. The upshot of this is that, thanks to our article, there's a possibility that a future update of iOS could make the wording clearer. Read More.

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Following on from our "Ice Cream Android coming in the Summer" story, Viewsonic told us Android 2.4 would actually arrive earlier. Why exactly? Because it would be bringing dual-core app functionality from Honeycomb to single-core devices; important in maintaining cross device functionality in the Android landscape. As we now know, Ice Cream never materialised, becoming Ice Cream Sandwich much later in the year. Gingerbread was to remain, with updates being named 2.3.3, 2.3.4 and so on. Read More.

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