Apple has kicked off its annual 12 Days of iTunes giveaway on Monday 26th December with a free Coldplay album for UK iTunes users.

Those who download the 12 Days app will be offered the chance to download the bands EP from the iTunes Festival: London earlier in the year.

That gives you three tracks - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, and Fix You for nothing.

You also get three videos of the same three tracks performed ive at the Roundhouse to watch.

The scheme, which has run for a number of years, is designed to promote the iTunes store and App store, encouraging new Apple users to get to grips with the download services on their new iPhone or iPad. It is also seen as a great way for Apple to say "Thank you" to its older users.

In previous years Apple has given away movies, music, books, and apps to those who remember to download the 12 Days app and then check in every day.

Have you downloaded the new app? Let us know how you get on.