A new gadget show is hitting Sky 1 in the New Year called Gadget Geeks. Normally we wouldn't be telling you about things like that, but in this case we'll make an exception, because our very own Ian Morris, editor of reviews, is one of the presenters. 

The show aims to solve your gadget quandaries rather than simply tell you what you should go out and buy. The presenters are split into two teams, one a collection of consumer tech experts - that's where our Ian Morris fits in - the other an assemblage of boffins.

Together they'll look at some of the hottest kit out there, as well as designing and building some bespoke gadgetry themselves. The show will run for 12 weeks, giving you an hour of gadget filled fun each week.

We've been hearing stories from Mr Morris about all the exciting exciting scrapes and japes they got up to, and it certainly sounds like we're in for a televisual treat.

Sky have released a couple of videos so you can see what it's all about, and it's scheduled to hit Sky 1 HD in January 2012.