Cameras and tablets filled the tech landscape in September. We however were far too distracted by the fact that Star Wars had arrived on Blu-ray. In what has to be our launch stunt of the year, London had its BT tower transformed into a giant lightsaber for one night only. We wont forget it and we expect neither will you. A month of launch excitement, bizarre PR stunts and Spotify working its way into our Facebook. 

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Amazon's potential iPad beating spendthrift of a tablet, the Kindle Fire, had stoked the fires of the hype machine rather nicely, that was until it emerged the device would no longer be headed to the UK. Amazon informed us that it had no plans at the time of writing in September to ship the device to the UK, disappointing those getting ready to save for a cheap Christmas tablet. Read More

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We enjoy a good quirky PR stunt at Pocket-lint but every so often one comes along that just doesn't make any sense. In September it was Samsung and the special edition Galaxy Tab bike. We have no idea how the Korean manufacturer imagined people would be using the tablet while riding. It was at least a fixie bike that Samsung had opted for, keeping the trendier among us pleased but ultimately the question does have to be asked ... why? Read More

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The portables that started it all, the iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic, started the beginning of the end in September. Apple made the decision to move on and stick with the iPod Touch as its primary phone-free music player. A risky move, especially given its extra cost of the Touch. Still it did mean if you wanted in to Apple's device infrastructure, it was iOS or nothing else, great news for app developers and the rest of the Apple community. Read More

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Pocket-lint was blown away by the technology found in On Live. The service allowed you to stream games at 720p from its servers on any device, with no installs and running smooth as butter. A few issues with the iPad and iPhone app launch have since stopped the service from truly being multi-platform, but ultimately if we can play through Arkham City on a MacBook Air, then we are happy. Read More

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Facebook announced the most significant redesign of its social network since its inception in September. The timeline, now implemented in the social network, changed the way every person's profile would appear. Spotify also integrated itself into the website, allowing you to play music straight from Facebook as well as tell friends what you were listening to. Read More

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When he's not dealing with environmental issues and 'chillaxing', Gore likes nothing better than to leak new Apple device release dates out to the world. No one really saw this coming, but the American politician accidentally let slip that Apple would be letting a new iPhone out to the wild in October. "Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug." said Gore. Oops. Read More

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Everyone's favourite Japanese camera manufacturer decided to enter into the mirrorless game this year with the J1 and V1. They blurred the lines between very advanced compacts and an entirely new format. Boasting interchangeable lenses and high quality sensors, the new Nikon's had the prosumer photographer plenty excited. Read More

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Duke Nukem Forever finally arrived on consoles in 2011 after the lengthiest time in development for a computer game ever, in history, ever. After a ridiculously long wait gamers were poised ready for the return of the Duke and boy were they disappointed. In what must have been one of the worst games made in recent history, Forever totally missed the mark, so much so that Gearbox themselves asked for feedback as to why. Read More

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When Google announced it was to enter into the social networking game with Google+, it also revealed it was to keep the service in a beta invite only form. Unusual for a social network which you would imagine you would want as many users as possible to join. September was the month that it went public and me, you and everyone else could join. Read More

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The announcement that the Thundercats toys would be headed for a Christmas launch in October had us writing the earliest and shortest Christmas list we had ever made. It simply read "Thundercats toys, all of them". Read More

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The delights of ICS are now fully upon us in Galaxy Nexus form, but back in October proper details of the new operating system remained hazy. We knew it would be the unifying force between Google's tablet and phone landscape and had seen the odd screen, but the announcement that Google wanted developers to get ready for it, meant it was coming sooner than we thought. This had us rather excited over at Pocket-lint. Read More

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It was the year of gaming conclusions for console fans favourite franchises in 2011. None could be bigger than GoW3, which finally brought to an end the epic story of Marcus and chums and their fight against the Locust. Boasting the best multiplayer in the series yet and some serious 'how did they do that?' graphics, it immediately became our favourite in the series. Read More

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To celebrate the launch of Star Wars on Blu-ray London had one of its most iconic landmarks turned into a giant lightsaber. It worked brilliantly and instantly went meme-tastic, flooding the internet with pictures of London's skyline transformed into a Star Wars icon. Naturally Pocket-lint were there to take pictures, which turned out to be a good thing as it was one of the most popular stories we had this year. Read More

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RIM's first foray into the tablet market, like the HP TouchPad, actually had some rather significant features that meant it deserved the attention it never got. First up was its camera, second the processor and third, the rather decent QNX operating system. Shame it got totally overshadowed by things like Honeycomb and the iPad. Read More

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Microsofts one OS to rule them all made an appearance in very early beta form in September. All the delights of the tile based Metro UI were there for us to enjoy, as well as the bugs and issues an early beta brings with it. The real confusion came at where the Metro interface stopped and the rest of normal Windows began. Read More

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 got itself in serious trouble in Germany, with a preliminary injunction in the Dusseldorf regional court. It meant the device, which Apple argued was dangerously close to patents it held over the design of its iPad, didn't go on sale in Germany. It marked the beginning of multiple bans of the device across Europe, with it eventually returning on sale. Read More

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They might not have been self tying, but they were good enough for us. The Nike Air Mag shoes brought the dream of many a geek to reality. Sure most of the trainers will never be walked in and will likely be confined to the shelves of Back to the Future fan's homes, but as long as they exist, we can rest happy. Read More

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A gaming mecca for COD fans popped up in downtown LA in September. It featured performances from Kanye West and the Dropkick Murphys as well as a lifesize COD level to blast each other with paintballs. The real star of the show however was the early access to MW3's multiplayer, it being the first place that the public and journalists could play it. Read More

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A speed boost and a white form factor was given to Sony's flagship smartphone. That extra boost meant it could contend with the rest of the industry leaders and thanks to its still brilliant camera and screen, became one of our favourite Android phones on the market. Read More

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The X100s dinkier brother had us all excited over its design and capabilities. All the hardware was there for a great camera and its size in particular meant it looked like a perfect street photo snapper. The all black finish was also a nice touch, leaving us hoping it could be an affordable alternative to the Leica. Sleek and stylish, this was a camera everyone wanted to play with. Read More 

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