Take a quick glance at the iTunes singles chart in the UK and you may be surprised at the current standings. X-Factor winners Little Mix are in third position, behind the favourite to be the number one single this Christmas, Wherever You Are, sung by Military Wives with celebrity composer Gareth Malone. However, it is the track that presently sits at number two that could spoil the party for Simon Cowell and Forces-based charities, and it's something that may be familiar to those that have followed YouTube virals over the years.

Dominick the Donkey (the Italian Christmas Donkey) is a track that became popular on YouTube four years ago, although was actually first released back in 1960. Sung by Lou Monte, it's been a favourite on Christmas compilation albums year-on-year. However, this year, British Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles launched a campaign to get it into the iTunes chart in time for Christmas. Little did he expect that it could even challenge for the top spot.

Its price on iTunes is a mere 59p, but it is worth considering that the 99p charged for the Military Wives single goes to worthy causes (well, 52p of it anyway - including all of iTunes' own share). And at least a quarter of the 99p charged for Little Mix's rendition of Damien Rice's Cannonball goes towards the puppies that Simon Cowell will be using as slippers over the Christmas break, we wildly imagine.

Number two at the moment or not, the likelihood of Dominick the Donkey being number one is still quite slim, with the Official Charts Company revealing that, outside of iTunes, the Military Wives single has sold 242,000 copies in just two days - the best any track has done in the UK since X-Factor winner Shane Ward's That's My Goal back in 2005.

Still, there's always next year for some hot ass action.

Pic: Creative Commons, Richenza