It was the height of Summer and shorts-clad frisbee fans were frolicking throughout the country's parks. Us tech lovers however were confined to our rooms, busy reading through all the juicy announcements that were filling the airwaves in July. 

Despite the minor destraction of Rebekah Brooks and chums getting up to no good, there was little to break our line of sight from July's rapid release schedule. Rumours of new Apple devices began, European favourites like Spotify began migrating to foreign soils and Nokia finally returned from darkness.

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Piracy took a major hit in 2011 as ISPs started to block less than legitimate websites. It was good news for music labels and movie makers, but a also rather significant chunk taken from our web surfing freedom. 

Admittedly Newzbin 2 wasn't doing anyone much good. The judge's decision to force the ISP to block the site was a bit of a game changer and raised a lot of questions about the direction the internet could go. Sure denying access to something obviously geared towards pirating material is acceptable, but what is the next step? What website takes the next hit? Read More

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Beating even the likes of Mozilla to the cloud OS game was Alibaba, a group of Hangzhou based web companies. The operating system, known as Alyun, made its debut in the K-Touch Cloud-Smart Phone W700. It was built entirely around web based applications, unlike any other smartphone operating system seen before. Read More

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Not the best news for Formula One fans who don't subscribe to Sky services. July saw the announcement that the greatest motorsport on the planet was to switch from the BBC to Murdoch's favourite channel. Confusion ensued as license fee payers complained. It eventually emerged that the beeb would still cover some races but getting the whole season live would require a Sky subscription. Sky is now planning a dedicated Formula One channel. Read More

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After a rather unsteady launch things continued to go downhill for Google's televisual project. A rather symbolic hardware price drop from Logitech's Revue signalled the first major attempt from Logitech to 'remove price as a barrier to broad customer acceptance'. Read More 

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Google Maps gained a few tasty treats in 2011, namely the ability to navigate London's tube network and with Honeycomb, 3D mapping support. The tube directions meant that on top of being able to pick how to walk or drive to a location, you could also choose which tube line to hop on. The new additions found their home on both desktop and mobile versions of Google Maps and have been getting Londoners home safe since. Read More 

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Oh great Apple rumour mill, how you fill our lives with wonderment. It was only Summer and already the iPhone 5, or as we now know it, iPhone 4S rumours had begun. Everyone was looking forward to a hardware redesign on the scale of the iPhone 4 and the rumour stories showed it. The most prevalent was this slimmer handset story, which whilst never coming true, was fun while it lasted. Read More

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In what must be on of the most expensive memes ever made, we were treated to a Rube Goldberg machine like no other this July. A selection of the most expensive cameras and lenses from around the world were put together in a perpetual motion setup. It made for some great lunchtime YouTube action and had us Pocket-linters on the lookout for our favourite pieces of glass. 

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This one was long overdue. Whatever Facebook turned out had to be good given the amount of time it had taken for the app to launch. Thankfully Facebook on the iPad was a top notch experience, besting the rather sluggish in browser Facebook setup normal iPad users were used to. It made a brief appearance accidentally when parts of the code were left in the Facebook iPad app but eventually materialised officially in July. Read More

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Rebecca Black's awesome 'Friday' single was good enough for us on its own, but this remixed version done to the beat of the NOTW's downfall had us in stitches. 'It's Friday, Friday, gotta resign on Friday'. Or at least that is what Rebekah said. Now sitting at just over 140,000 views, this is a video that demands more watching. Read More

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China has done itself proud this year on the fakery front. None more so than when it emerged there was an entirely counterfeit Apple shop situated in the city of Kunming. Complete with all the usual 'chapel of Apple' niceties, it got just about everything right, bar the shop's own name, which was rather enjoyably spelt Apple Stoer. Read More

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The latest update to Apple's desktop operating system arrived in July in the form of Lion. It brought with it updates to expose and launch pad and added a rather clever app management function called Mission Control. Along with that came things like iCloud connectivity and lots of other under the hood improvements that had Mac fanboys rushing to download it. Which was a good thing as Lion didn't arrive in disc form, existing purely as an App Store download or later on, a rather more expensive USB key. Read More

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More updates for Google Maps in July, this time in the form of 3D buildings in London, provided your device had the processor to manage it. The first set of 3D buildings Google ran out to its mapping app came in 2010, but it wasn't until the mid Summer rollout that London finally arrived in proper 3D. It meant you could view the entire topography and landscape of the city from within your hand, yet again bolstering the already great mapping experience on Android. Read More

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We already knew that Nokia had plans with Microsoft, but no one could imagine exactly what the hardware the pair produced would look like, Then along came Elop with a device touting Windows Phone 7 in his hands. Problem was we only got to see it from a distance. Then this video leaked and what would become the Nokia Lumia immediately had every fan of Windows Phone 7 excited. Read More

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Spotify had become a bit of a household name over in Britain by the time it announced plans to ship over to the US. The company was set on bringing its now quasi-freemium model of music streaming to the States. Spotify itself didn't change, but the number of users did, who can think of a bigger market than the America one for a service like Spotify. Read More

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Trekkies got to go even boldlier (we know its not a word) than they had ever gone before with the arrival of the Star Trek iPad. It transformed the device into a PADD, or a personal access display device to us non Star Trek obsessives.You got a beefy database of Trekkie facts to get through as well as a very basic in app OS based on all the screens you see in the tv series. Read More

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An artist who was using remotely triggered iSight cameras in Apple stores to create pictures about peoples lives has his home raided by police. The project called People Staring at Computers caused its creator, Kyle McDonald to face a possible 20 year prison sentence. We like a good bit of art, but this one was just snooping. Read More

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One of the most iconic pieces of technology in the 20th century made its final journey in 2011, marking the end of reusable space travel for the time being. Transporting a multi purpose logistics module up into the stratosphere, the Atlantis made its final journey. Read More

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Sony enjoys making its own media, with things like the UMD and the soon to be proprietary memory for the Vita being typical of the company. Most aren't massive fans of this, but with the MiniDisc it was different, people remember it as the inbetweener from CDs to mp3s and for its ability to carry very high quality music. That all came to an end in 2011 when Sony announced it was to end production of the hardware in September. Read More

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If there was an award for hacker group of the year in 2011 Lulzsec would have easily claimed the prize. A tweet posted by Fox News informed the general public that president Obama had been assassinated followed by multiple Tweets detailing a shooting. It later emerged that Lulzsec had gotten hold of Fox News' Twitter details and posted the story, still for a while there plenty of people were worried. Read More

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The Lytro camera, whilst still in its early stages, is set to revolutionise the way that we take photos. Capable of selectively focussing after an image had been shot, the first time Pocket-lint saw it, we couldn't quite believe it was real. A brief play later and we were convinced. Sure the hardware was unusual, but Lytro is looking like it could be a photographic talking point of 2012. Read More

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