Looking forward to widespread 4G fun and quick mobile browsing on your smartphone or tablet? Well, don't get too excited because, despite the likes of O2 already testing its LTE network, we're not going to have widespread availability in the UK until 2015.

That is according to Ofcom, who has also stated that roll-out of 4G mobile services won't even begin until 2013/14. The spectrum auction was supposed to happen next year but is apparently being held up by legal wrangling by O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.

The 4G spectrum in Britain will comprise two bands; the 800 MHz frequency that will become available thanks to the analogue TV switch-off and the 2.6GHz frequency that will allow high speeds for all your HD-laden mobile devices.

The auction will be split into five "spectrum floors" so that all of the big networks will be able to throw their hats into the ring, while they'll be a couple of safeguards in place to keep things fair and make sure that none of the operators gain an unfair advantage.

The Ofcom report does state that "new wireless services able to deploy, e.g. next generation mobile broadband, with effective coexistence measures in place by end of 2012" though, so here's hoping the spectrum auction does get sorted in 2012 at least.