Shazam, known for its music identification service, are moving in the to music playback arena with the launch of Shazam Player. 

Shazam Player offers all the basic search, navigation and management of tracks, albums and playlists that you get with the default iOS music player, but adds a few twists.

In playlist creation, for example, it not only offers you your existing playlists from iTunes, but lets you create more. No big deal, but one clever twist is a good and bad list. The good list, essentially, is the tracks you play most often. The bad list is the tracks you always skip.

You can manually add and remove from both lists, or simply punch the button to populate it. The idea is that if you've loaded in a new album and hate track two, you can just stick it on the bad list and it won't appear in shuffle or album play.

Shazam Player will be free, but picks up and leverages one of Shazam's existing offerings: LyricPlay. LyricPlay isn't just about providing words to songs, but displaying them.

So rather than a static list of text (something you'll also get access to), LyricPlay has a number of themes for displaying song lyrics, more like a karaoke system. You might choose the Star Wars style scrolling, for example, with a number of different visuals, colours and highlighting to make the service more appealing.

LyricPlay is also AirPlay compatible, so you can send lyrics to your television using Apple TV, perfect for parties.

The company boasts over 50 million users of their existing music identification app on iOS. 

Alex Musil, EVP of product at Shazam, told Pocket-lint that they wanted to preserve the Shazam "big button" in their existing app and not add confusion by rolling the two apps together. There will be links to directly switch from Shazam to Shazam Player, however.

Shazam Player is available in the Apple App Store now.