Microsoft has announced the launch of into by Windows Phone, a social sharing app that will allow Mango lovers (the OS, not the fruit) to earn rewards and unlock exclusive content along the way.

Alex James, a creative consultant for into by Windows Phone, has put his name to the scheme and Microsoft has stated that one of the first rewards for into will be the ability to view exclusive content from the former Blur bassist.

Given that James has gone on from Blur to be a cheesemaker, a farmer and a part-time astrophysicist, then it's anybody's guess what sort of content will be on offer.

As well as James' stuff, there's also the chance to win an Arctic adventure for two people to Finland and a couple of Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 handsets.

To get involved with into either like the into app on the Windows Phone UK Facebook page or download the into Windows Phone app from the Marketplace (coming soon).

Once you're going you can get points and win rewards by generating Facebook likes, shares and getting people to tweet about Windows Phone 7. The app will also feature a demo section where you can show off the platform to your buddies to win points.

It's all about spreading the Windows Phone 7 love, it seems.

Alex James said: "Windows Phone offers a pioneering experience which has social and enjoyment at its core. I’m a keen believer in pursuing the extraordinary and my choice of phone is no different.

"By providing such a personalised experience, Windows Phone draws in all that’s important to me; my hobbies and all my interests, and the ability to keep in touch and share everything I care about with everyone I care about. I’m delighted to be partnering with into by Windows Phone."

James then ate a Farleigh Wallop cheese sandwich, stared up to stars and riffed out a bit of Song 2 on his Fender Precision.

People wanting to get into Windows Phone can take a look at the Windows Phone UK Facebook page to get started.