Cyber Monday, the online shopping fest that comes after the Black Friday sales in the US, is becoming ever more present in the UK; similar to our boxing day sales this is, in part, thanks to big-name companies like and Apple.

However, this online shopping event is well established in the US, with Cyber Monday now in its 6th year of bring all that is wholesome and good the folks of North America.

And its impact on the way it's shaped many people's shopping habits, those of us in the UK included, can't be underestimated, which is where this Cyber Monday infographic comes in.

Delivering details, facts and figures from the last 6 years of US online shopping it gives an indication of how habits may have changed when it comes to virtual retail therapy; even in the last year, according to an IBM survey, online sales in the US have increased by 24.3 per cent.

cyber monday infographic details rise of online shopping image 2