As if by magic HMV's On Demand service has popped up out of no where. The domain has gone live, bringing with it a selection of movies to stream priced in at £3.75.

There is a surprisingly decent selection of video on offer powered by FilmFlex, this means stuff like Xmen: First Class and Pirates of the Caribbean are available to rent instantly. HMV has set the page up so that you can browse different categories of movies or go for its own recommendations. 

Special offers has some particularly decent flicks available for under £3, including indie flick Submarine which is well worth a watch. Not a lot else can be said about the On Demand service, other than it is entering into a seriously competitive market, against some of the biggest players out there. The likes of LoveFilm and Apple, as well as Netflix, soon to be launched in the UK are all competitors. 

One interesting part of the setup is that movies can be watched both online and offline, but that you have to choose which method you want to watch before as it cant be changed back after. You want to go for offline if you have low bandwith, once the movie has downloaded, then you have got 48 hours to watch the film. 

Good luck to HMV with this one, it could prove fruitful over the company's current retail woes. 

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