Many will feel this self-deleting text service that has just launched on iPhone is a little dodgy; however it doesn't contain adult content or malware, so how is it dodgy?

Well it's clear as day that rather than being used, as the example on the MyDestructibleText's site suggests, to delete an ever-so-naughty message relating to chocolate; this app is going to be used to cover your tracks if/when you happen to be engaged in extra-curricular affairs.

It's clearly going to be a big hit.

My Destructible Text allows you to send a text message to another mobile phone that will disappear once read. The company says that this will come in very handy when sending advice or opinions via SMS - "safe in the knowledge that the message will disappear once it has been read".

Features included within the app are: Self destructing text messages, automatic linking in with your address book and password protection. Credits will cost a whopping 69p for two - we're presuming it's one credit per text. Small savings can be had through buying in bulk.

If you're found with this bad boy on your phone then be prepared to answer some tricky questions.