The SwiftKey X predictive keyboard app has had a spit and polish, bringing updates to its keyboard selection, UI and improvements to its efficiency, creating an even better app that should have you bashing out messages even faster than before.

SwiftKey X contains a patented language prediction technology that can accurately predict words and phrases as well as adapting itself to the user's personal writing style - typing speeds then become incredibly fast. It was only in October this year that it was used to beat the world speed typing record at an Android gathering in Austin, Texas.

The app will scan not only what's on your phone but also use data from Facebook, Gmail and Twitter in order to give you more accurate word prediction. Clearly you'll need to give it permission to do this.

Dr Ben Medlock, CTO SwiftKey said: "In this latest release of SwiftKey, we’ve focused on some of the most asked-for features from our consumers and hardware partners. Version 2.2 now offers AI prediction and correction across 35 languages, which is a great achievement that opens up the power of our innovative technology to the broadest audience yet."

Version 2.2 of Swiftkey X and Swiftkey Tablet X (the Motorola Xoom 2 now comes with the service installed) can adapt to the individual user to the aforementioned 35 languages, including new additions of Arabic and Hebrew.

This is accompanied by two specific updates that will mean faster typing speeds: a rewritten framework for the multitouch keyboard (inaccuracy won't be such an issue) and boosted efficiency of SwiftKey's Fluency language engine. With these two additions, it appears a mere poke of the finger in the general direction of the letter should bring up the word you want.

Rounding off the improvements are enhancements to the graphics in the UI and new Dvorak and Colemak keyboards for those getting bored of QWERTY. There is also full support for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X are available from the Android Market and Amazon Appstore.

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