Onavo, the app that allows you to keep track of your data usage, has announced some new features to its Android offering which should make the whole business of cutting mobile costs that little bit easier.

Using crowd-sourced data, the Onavo team has been working on its Android app to not only bring useful information to users, but to make it "meaningful and easy to understand".

We covered its iPhone counterpart in our App of the Day slot whose users have had a full-fat version since April 2011. Since August Android users have had a lite version, and now an updated version of the Onavo app comes to Android.

The app will now show your data usage compared to that of others in the Android community; the amount of users who restricted the app to Wi-Fi, how many users uninstalled the app altogether, and an Onavo meter: a simple visual gauge of just how much of a data hogger a given app is.

It will also give you info on your overall data usage (day/week/month) compared to that of others in the Android community and whether you have data hoggers installed.

Onavo works by installing a profile on your Phone and then re-routing all your streaming through that, afterwards you should hardly notice that it's installed. You will experience a degree of degradation on images etc. but it should save you some cash - it's all swings and roundabouts after all.

This, clearly, will be of great use to chaps who find themselves travelling, as this should cut down on roaming costs. And having the app installed should mean a saving on day-to-day data consumed, so even if you're not flying around the world it might be worth a look.

A word to the wise however, as installing this app will mean a lot of info regarding internet usage may be collected by Onavo; as it states in its privacy policy: "your access to the Internet through your mobile phone may be routed through Onavo's servers".

So long as you go into it with your eyes open, however, you shouldn't be disappointed; here's a link to Onavo's privacy policy in case you want to find out more.

Needless to say the app is a damn fine one, and has even been nominated for Best App in the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2011