Sometimes people just don't seem to be able to spot what you are talking about. You send someone a funny photo, they see the you, but they don’t notice the person in the background walking into a tree.

Or sometimes you want to highlight some changes you want made - someone has sent you a picture of something with a "you mean like this" note attached. They always get it wrong, of course, which is when you want to just scribble on their picture and send it back, like you would on a sketched drawing.

Today's App of the Day has exactly that in mind.




Android Market

Skitch comes from Evernote, the note-taking application that has successfully bridged mobile platforms. It is, as we've already outlined, an app that will let you annotate pictures with a range of options at your fingertips.

From the outset you have three options: you can take a photo, open an image, or just start with a blank page.  If you've mastered taking a screenshot on your Android device (which some phones currently allow, but will be much easier in Ice Cream Sandwich) then you can easily select a screenshot from your Gallery too.

As with any drawing package, Skitch then gives you a run of options for annotating your image. This isn't about image manipulation and isn't designed to let you edit photos, but will let you write and draw on them.

So it might be something as simple as putting an arrow on a picture or adding text. You can zoom images to get to a particular thing you want to highlight as well as change the colour and size of the annotation. 

app of the day skitch review android  image 2

You also get a neat selection tool, so once you've made your annotation, you can select it, change the size of it or put it in a different colour and move it to another position. 

It's simple, fast and takes very little effort which is what we like about it. It's also easy to undo actions (and redo them if you're too hasty to remove things) and you can crop images if there is a particular detail you want to work on. 

Skitch also integrates seamlessly with Evernote and if you're using Skitch on a tablet (which gives you much more space to play), you'll find an Evernote icon on the right to upload directly to your account.

Otherwise Skitch will share your creation just as easily as other Android apps, so you can send via pretty much any route you choose, be that Twitter, straight to Facebook or using Gmail.

Skitch is just what we want from an app: simple, easy and fun, with a practical purpose.