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(Pocket-lint) - Only just downloaded Firefox 8? Well you can forget that version if you like to live carefree and fancy. Mozilla has released the first beta of Firefox 9 just days later and with it a stack of new features to try out. 

Although the Beta software doesn't promise to be bug or crash free users of the new Firefox Beta for Windows, Mac and Linux will get enhanced JavaScript performance and developer tools that make Web browsing much faster.

For Mac OS X Lion users, you’ll get a new look that matches the Mac OS X Lion application toolbar and icon styles and two finger swipe navigation gesture. It also makes it easier to use multiple monitors says Mozilla.

The company also announced that they had launched a new Firefox Beta for Android version as well.

“This beta introduces a completely new experience optimized for tablets that makes mobile browsing more intuitive and new tools that enable developers to create interactive mobile Web experiences.” Adds the organization behind the browsers.

New features include a new experience for tablets that leverages the large screen size and makes mobile Web browsing more intuitive. Full-Screen Portrait Browsing, Tab Optimization and new Action Bar with Quick Access Buttons.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.