Scosche has unleashed its latest iDevice accessory - the Scosche myTrek; a health monitor to let fanboys monitor their pulse, workout performance and calorie count.

The myTrek is a small Bluetooth enabled device that sits on an armband and connects wirelessly to your iPhone or iPod touch (or iPad in theory, but that wouldn't really be exercise-friendly).

Using a combination of two LEDs and a photo sensor the myTrek tracks changes in your body and the accelerometer on board helps to measure things like distance and speed as well as the user’s heartbeat to give a measurement of pulse and calories burned. This is all analysed through the free app that works alongside the device.

There's also your own personal trainer built in. Not literally, of course, but you can be guided through your workout by a male or female voice that is beamed over to your iDevice and through your headphones.

Kas Alves, EVP of Scosche Industries said: "We are thrilled with the end result of the myTrek and its accompanying app. 

"Users now have the ability to track their activity, train when it suits them and monitor progress, all at the tip of their fingers. It’s lightweight and bulk free, we hope users benefit from this gadget during their everyday activities."

You'll get five hours of battery life for your workout before the myTrek will need a charge - which sounds far too long for us.

Available now, the Scosche myTrek will cost you £129.95 from the Apple Store online.