Dropbox for Teams has gone live, making it easier for small businesses to tap into the cloud based storage solution without having to worry about the limited space on offer with the regular version.

For $795 a year, 5 team members can share folders with a storage limit of 1,000GB and, if your team is a bit bigger, each additional user costs $125 a year and that comes with 200GB of extra space.

If more storage is needed, no problem. Dropbox is actually stating that storage is "unlimited" and that, should more space be needed, "give us a call and we'll work with you to increase your quota".

Sujay Jaswa, vice president of business development and sales at Dropbox, stated that the move was, in part, down to the fact that it had noticed that 1 million businesses were already using Dropbox.

"We started out as a tool to share code and photos, but users brought Dropbox to work," explained Jaswa. "To Dropbox, there is just one market for users."

Currently Dropbox has around 50 million users. On the individual side it currently offers users 2GB of storage for free, with the chance to upgrade that by a further 8GB by convincing friends to sign up to the service.

HTC and Dropbox also just announced that users could bring a free 5GB extra storage to "all" Android mobiles.

Do you Dropbox? If not, why the heck not - it's great.

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